Meet Eric Stanton

Eric grew up in the countryside town of Standish, Maine – not too far from Maine’s largest city of Portland in 1991. His family re-located to San Diego, California in 1994. As a three year-old , Eric found himself on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base where his father was newly stationed. The family later returned in 1999 to the beautiful state of Maine where Eric enrolled in the rural school Administrative District 55 in Hiram, ME.
Eric’s  Maine roots are strong. He progressed through the early grades at SAD 55 all the way into high school. Excelling in sports, he became a varsity baseball and football captain – an honored and esteemed position he valued. During his high school years, he became a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet where he rose through the ranks becoming Company Commander by his senior year. He learned the foundations of leadership skills in both sports and para-military positions. Eric’s goal at this time was to join the United States Marine Corps. Due to a back injury in high school football he was denied.
Upon graduating from Sacopee Valley High School in 2009, Eric enrolled at the University of Southern Maine to study criminology so that later down the road he could become a police officer. While in his first semester at USM, he got a call from the York County Sheriff’s Office, who hired him right out of school. Eric wore his sheriff’s uniform with great pride and found himself working as a corrections officer at the York county jail and also obtaining his reserve police officer license. An injury in 2014 caused him to look into another career.
Within a short span of time, Eric found himself in the life and health insurance field where he is today. He has a passion for helping people and insurance has helped him do that. Through this process Eric learned a lot about himself, and discovered ways of bettering himself.
Through the transformation, he has read many books on personal development and motivational speaking. He learned extensively about the life and health insurance industry and its various products and methods. These skills that he has acquired, and will continue to acquire through further reading and workshops, have helped him become the man he is today, in a relatively short amount of time.
Eric is a determined individual and can succeed at whatever he puts his skills and mind to accomplish. His current role as a life and health insurance broker is only a step on the road to what future has in store for him.
Eric wants to continue helping people but with a much wider audience in a more influential position where he can make more impactful changes and help the state of Maine grow and prosper. Eric is excited to work harder than he ever has to make this dream come true.
“You the voters are the only ones who can determine who speaks on your behalf. I am here to serve and listen to the citizens of Maine.” -Eric Stanton